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Does Your Willpower Need More Power? 

“Dear Sally, I’m finally putting pen to paper to say thank you so much for all help you gave me to lose weight and get my “Bikini Body”.  
You gave me the power to change my eating habits and view myself in a more positive way. I can’t thank you enough and would readily recommend you to anyone wanting to make a positive change to their life” HV 

What is Hypnotherapy? 

Hypnotherapy is a psychological therapy, a technique of counselling or psychotherapy using relaxation to enable the client to reach a trance state. In this trance a client’s conscious mind is so relaxed the therapist can communicate directly with their subconscious mind. Suitable suggestions made to the subconscious can result in changes that will enable the client to achieve their goals. Trance is a very natural state, one you go into before sleeping, and often during the day – for example when you are driving somewhere and you realise that you can’t remember going past a certain road or set of lights. This was because consciously you were off thinking about your shopping list or something and your subconscious was driving the car, quite natural and safe! 

The Subconscious Mind 

Look at the iceberg, the conscious mind is the bit above the water and the subconscious is the huge underwater part. The subconscious mind is very powerful, it stores up everything it has learned from the minute a person is born, if not before, and uses this information to look after the person. Ultimately the subconscious wants to look after and protect the person and it wants them to be happy. Unfortunately, the subconscious mind can get things wrong, misunderstanding something or clinging to unwanted habits. Even if a person consciously really wants to make a change, if their subconscious mind is in conflict with their conscious mind the subconscious mind will almost always win, making change hard. 

How Does It Work?  

Using hypnotherapy the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed or convinced that a person really does want to make a change. By convincing the subconscious that the desired change would make the person so much happier the subconscious will then want that change too. Then with both conscious and subconscious minds working together changes can be more easily achieved. 

What Does Hypnotherapy Feel Like? 

While you are in a trance state of deep relaxation you are still aware and in control. You are not unconscious and you should just feel really relaxed. You may find, while listening to my voice with your eyes closed that you drift off a bit and can’t recall what I am saying, that is okay as your subconscious will still be listening. You could at any time terminate the trance if you were not happy or if there was an emergency such as a fire alarm. Your subconscious mind will not accept suggestions that are being made if it considered them to be wrong or harmful to you. Remember, your subconscious mind is always looking out for you and protecting you. After hypnotherapy, you should feel calm and relaxed and you may or may not remember all of what I had been saying. 
Stage hypnosis, that you may have seen on television, is something completely different and not to be confused with hypnotherapy. It would be unethical for me to make you cluck like a chicken! 

How Much, How Long and How Many Sessions?  

Therapy sessions are £80 each and will take approximately one hour. All sessions are tailored completely to the individual, their personal circumstances, preferences, the presenting condition, their goals, and desired outcomes. The number of sessions required will vary from client to client, an estimate will be given when booking the initial consultation and can be between 2 and 5 sessions. Where appropriate a client will also receive a recording to listen to at home. 

Are You Ready To Make That Important Change For You?  

There is no magic wand. You need to want to make the changes in your life and work with me for your required results. 
Please contact me to find out if I can help you using hypnotherapy or OldPain2Go®, for your FREE telephone consultation or to book an appointment. 
Since joining BNI I have watched and enjoyed other people’s 10 minute feature presentations until I saw my name on the list of future speakers, and as my name moved up the list with the date drawing closer, the sweaty palms and tightness in my chest grew as my public speaking anxiety began to take over again.  
The week before I could hardly even deliver my one-minute slot without running out of breath! Luckily, the help I needed was here in our group and after listening to Sally describe how she had helped someone overcome another form of anxiety issue, I saw a solution!  
In referring myself to Sally I was somewhat sceptical of her hypnotherapy technique (I mean speaking to my subconscious is crazy right?!) but she assured me all I needed was to want it to work. Explaining that my subconscious was protecting me from having a bad experience like I had at school all those years ago she kindly set my subconscious straight! Putting me at ease and giving me the confidence to trust this somewhat surreal experience.  
The result was that in writing my presentation I was no longer consumed by the anxiety and stress over how I would deliver it, I even began to look forward to it! And on the actual day the words flowed, and I could speak with confidence! So thank you Sally that one session really has made a difference for which I’m very grateful and I can definitely recommend Sally to anyone who needs help with an anxiety issue. 
Disclaimer - Please note results may vary. 
My consultation room in Cranleigh is up two flights of stairs. If the stairs are a problem we can work online using Zoom or a home visits within 12 miles of Cranleigh may be possible. 
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